Monday, September 11, 2006

Iron Paw

As I've mentioned previously, I am the alpha of our house. Turbo (my apprentice) is often very irritating! He makes a lot of noise with is frequent tirades on what he thinks is stupid. Many times he will stand on the couch and yell at Lex. I sometimes have to interject myself into the situation. The problem mostly lies with Lex, who mostly mopes and whines. I hate that, too! I should point out that Lex weighs more than twice what Turbo does!

I try to keep Turbo within a strict behavior guideline. He will frequently enter a room inappropriately and I'll have to get up and block his path. Once he even got the hiccups. That was really annoying! I growled at him every time he hiccuped, but he just wouldn't stop!